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Long Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser(1064nm)

  • Vascular Lesions, Hair removal, Skin Rejuvenation

  • Powerful Energy Up To 100 J

  • Safe Vascular Treatment with Ontstanding RCS Cooling System


Indication of Long-pulsed Alexandrite Laser(755nm)

  • Aileen is the No.1 best seller of FineMEC widely sold more than 100 units in domestic and recognized as an experienced long-pulsed laser system over the world

  • Launched with the first brand name “Aileen” and upgraded to another name “Aileen P” and finally introduces “Aileen Plus”



  • One of the highest pulse energy in the market

  • Skin rejuvenation by Genesis mode

  • RCS Gas cooling & Detachable air cooling

  • Compact design and light weight

  • Pre saved mode (M1~M6) – guided by FineMEC’s KOLn

  • Extremely safe to use for all skin type

  • Ideal square pulse and PWM delivers stable

  • User friendly design

  • Ideal square pulse and PWM delivers stable output energy during pulse duration

Square Pulse

  • Aileen provides a square pulse based on 45,000uF high capacity and stable control system

  • It brings the better results with less side effects

  • A square pulse is the ideal pulse type. It delivers stable output energy during pulse duration and then returns the energy to VO afterwards

  • As the energy is not constant, clinical results would not be successful and totally not effective

  • Aileen constantly keeps the stable output energy

Penetration depth by wavelength