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Q-Switched - Nd:YAG Laser(1064nm&532nm)

  • Tattoo Removal, Melasma,Nevus of Ota,Freckle

  • PTP pulse , Quasi long Pulse (Genesis)

  • Stable Continuous pumping system


  • Neosys, is a Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser, which provides effective treatments for tattoo removal, melasma and freckles

  • This high quality Q-switched Nd:YAG laser applies various elements as top hat mode,continuous pumping system, JIG frame and various handpieces


  • Powerful & stable output with Dual Chamber laser head 

  • Output energy up to 1.5J @1064nm, 532nm, 1.8J @PTP mode

  • Durable alignment with Jig Frame 

  • Selective Zoom / Collimated handpiece 

  • PTP(Photoacoustic Toning pulse) mode 

  • Top-hat mode beam

  • Due to the 10 Hz continuous pumping system melasma , freckle and nevus of ota effectively

  • Strong and robust JIG frame absorbs vibrations and for safe treatments

  • Providing high beam quality by covering optical lens

Selective Photothermolysis

Indication of Long-pulsed Alexandrite LASER (755nm)

  • Laser beam which applied to alive tissue has different effects on tissue components that depend on absorption spectrum

  • They are called skin chromophore and have different absorption band

Top hat beam profile

  • Distribution of energy in Gaussian mode is concentrated in the center whereas in top-hat mode, the energy is evenly distributed